Round Two, here we go.

The Conference games are here. And wow, we have two shockers still in the mix.



 Chicago Bulls versus The Atlanta Hawks


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Yes, that is correct. The Hawks are still in it. They surprisingly won the Magic easily as Jamal Crawford, Al Horford, and Joe Johnson tore shit up. Excuse my language but i love these guys now. They are my team, they are the team that i want to win the East. The Bulls, even though they won, had a hard time. The Pacers made a run for the money, even though the series went 4-1. Most of the four Bull wins were won by four-five points each. Yes, Derrick Rose had a little trouble, even messed up his ankle. He is still playing though. Boozer was nowhere to be found, if Boozer doesn’t show up at all this next series, the Bulls have will have a tough time.

 Most Likely Winner: Bulls in 7

My Winner: Hawks in 7

The Miami Heat versus the Boston Celtics

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Boston was the only team that sweeped the series. They did so against the New York Knicks. It wasn’t an easy task, but when Billups got injured in the first games they were done. A’Mare wasn’t feeling good with a stiff back and that made Carmelo’s job harder. In the end, Boston took over that series in a jiff. the Heat seemed like they were going to have a little problem with the 76ers. that was not the case as the 76ers only won one game. The deciding factor: Rajon Rondo. If he plays stellar, and if he gets in the paint then the Celtics got this, if he can’t the the Heat will move on.

Most Likely Winner: Celtics in 7

My Winner: Heat in 7


Oklahoma City Thunder versus Memphis Grizzlies

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The thunder stomped on the Nuggets. they only lost one, though most of the games had it’s higs and lows. They have a stellar bench and with the acquisition of Kendrick Perkins that added a little more to them. The Grizzlies shocked the NBA world as they beat the top ranked Spurs in 6 games. The won the first game, and everyone thought that was a fluke, but some how they dominated the Spurs. With the play of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph they won that series, and if they play well again then can upset the thunder.

 Most Likely Winner: Thunder in 6

My Winner: Memphis in 6

Los Angeles Lakers versus the Dallas Mavericks

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everyone thought that the weakest link in the first round was the Dallas Mavericks. It turned out that they were pretty healthy and strong. Easily defeating the Blazers in 6. Though all of Texas had a scare when Brandon Roy did a freaking miracle and almost made this a series. The Lakers seemed they were off to their same ways losing the first, but that didn’t stop them at all. After figuring out Paul the went to the town. The key for this series is: Pau Gasol. He was shy so to say in the first round. If he doesn’t show up and put up points then the three peat can be stop.

Most Likely Winner: Lakers in 6

My Winner: Lakers in 6


Lakers Lead, Hawks fly, and Nothing in MSG

Game 3 The Los Angeles Lakers versus The New Orleans Hornets

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What a Game it was, the series was tied, and the winner would have home court and advantage for the rest of the series. Tables have turned and the Lakers were now in the Hornets arena.

What did that say, absolutely nothing. Why because the Lakers played like they were in the practice room in their stadium. They easily won it, though it looked pretty scary at times.

Quick Rap up of each quarter.

The first quarter had the Lakers winning throughout most of the quarter. They were up and going. They lead by 7 going into the 2nd, as Chris Paul made a late 3 to make it to 7. The second quarter had Andrew Bynum all over it as he was dominating in the paint. The Hornets didn’t have anything to stop him this time. It was Bynum all day, everyday. The Lakers increased their lead by 2 more leading the Hornets 42-51 going into the Half. In that Half Andrew had 14 points and was doing work.

The start of the third seemed like it snapped the Hornets as they had some good play and were actually scoring. The Lakers got a scare from Bynum as he went down and seems as he injured his ankle. Fortunately, he got up and he was okay, and still able to play. Unfortunately for the Hornets they couldn’t change the led by the end of the quarter, Lakers were up 75-68.  Back to back three by the Lakers made the pocket deep for the Hornets. Those 3’s were made by Blake and Pau Gasol. Kobe did work, and was PUTTING UP A CLINIC. Free throws decided the game as the Lakers had a lot of free throws in the fourth.

Final Score: 100-86, Lakers win

Final Stats: Kobe had 30 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assist. Gasol had 17 points, 10 rebound and 4 assist. Bynum had 14 points and 11 rebounds.

Series lead: Lakers 2-1

Other Playoff Games:

The Boston Celtics versus the New York Knicks

The Knicks were down and out. Literally, as Billups wasn’t going to be playing. Amar’e had to play limited minutes because of his back, though he started. This was the time, the time to shine for Carmelo. It was set, the Knicks hadn’t been in the playoffs since 2004. They didn’t even win a game in that series. This is why they brought Carmelo. They expected a 40 point game like he had in game 2 but this time with a win.

That win will have to wait as the Celtics owned the Garden, and basically won this series. Why, BECAUSE NO TEAM HAS EVER COME BACK FROM 3-0 DEFICT. Some teams have actually gotten to game 7, but couldn’t go over the hill. The Knick still have a chance to do it. When you have Carmelo you have a possibility but that is a small possibility. Why, because they don’t have Billups or Amar’e. Well they have Amar’e but now at 100 percent. This one is over in my books.

Final Score: 113-96

Series Lead: Boston 3-0

The Orlando Magic versus Atlanta Hawks

The Magic lost the first one as the Hawks stole a game at Orlando. Then Orlando had to take game 2 and did so. Home Court was now with the Hawks, as if they won this one they would be up on the Magic. They had only lost one game to the Magic during the regular season and won three. In paper, it seemed like the Magic were the better team, and they are. But some how Atlanta pulled it off.

The first the quarter had both teams pretty close, but that’s when close got closer. People started touching and technicals got called. The fourth has James Crawford go in fire. He had a three point play as he got fouled while taking a three and that three went in. Then when Dwight tried to go in the paint he got fouled. ZaZa Pachulia thought that he got fouled because he did. He got elbowed in the face. Jason Richardson thought otherwise and went up to ZaZa and then push ZaZa. That’s when it seemed like they were going to fight. ZaZa was talking while Richardson was being held from furthering a fight. Both of them got ejected. After review of the video, Dwight was given a technical for elbow. James Crawford came up big as he hit a late 3 with 5.3 left in the game. And that was the ball game.

Final Score: 88-84, Hawks

Final Stats: Dwight Howard had 21 points 15 rebounds, James Crawford had 23 points, and Josh Smith had double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds.

Series Lead: Hawks 2-1

2011 NBA Playoffs are set. EAST

Are you ready to see some great basketball.?

The East, and the West is set. 16 teams are ready for the next season, the playoffs. all are starting their journey at a championship.

Are we going to going to see a three peat?, how about another great Celtics versus Lakers series. Lets not forget about the Big Three in Miami. Hot Atlanta wants something to say at it. And so does the hidden but lethal Spurs.

Here’s a break down on the teams in the playoffs, who they play in the first round. I will also give you my predictions, and who i want to win (that doesn’t mean that they are the favorites just who i want to win).



Chicago Bulls (1) versus Indiana Pacers (8)

This won’t be a hard one to figure out. The Pacers didn’t even get a .500 record. They had a losing record and got to the playoffs, what? Anyways let’s talk about the Chicago Bulls. No one thought they would be this high, Carlos Boozer was hurt and they were just a mediocre team in the beginning but somehow they managed to shock the NBA and the world. They have the best record in the East. Derrick Rose will probably be MVP and they will go far.

Winner: Bulls in 6 //// Who i want to win: Pacers

Miami Heat (2) versus Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers (7)

Everyone was talk about the Heat in the beginning of the season and even before the season. They acquired LeBron and Chris Bosh. They said they were going to win multiple championships. But their start was a shaky one, their first 17 games they were 9-8. but things turned around and after slumping for a while they came back and to the second seed. The Sixers are a weird team. They don’t seem like they have any talent but it always shows up. Doug Collins has made this team way better than last year. This is not their year, give or take on or two. But i have made respect for AI.

Winner: Heat in 6 //// Who i want to win: The Seventy-Sixers

Boston Celtics (3) versus New York Knicks (6)

This match is weird because both teams changed and made dramatic revisions to their lineups and traded people. Celtics gave up Kendrick Perkins and Knicks got Carmelo and Billups. Everyone was talking about the Knicks after the Melo trade. It seemed like the great deal for the Knicks, and it is. It just needs times. Denver has actually done better since the trade but that doesn’t matter. If the Knick get rolling and A’mare and Carmelo get in synch then things can and will get wild. Boston gave up it’s only big man, that is because both O’Neals are hurt. That could mean trouble for them. Then again the Knicks don’t have that much Big Men do it will get juicy.

Winner:Celtics in 6 //// Who i want to win: Knicks

Orlando Magic (4) versus Atlanta Hawks (5)

Atlanta through the season seemed like they were going to be one of the elite teams. Then something happened. They kept on losing. I love Al Hawford but i don’t think that they will succeed this year. They lack a big man, even though the Magic made some change to its lineup they will easily win this one. Een though the Magic were under the radar for most of the year they are still tough to beat. Dwight Howard is always a top contender for Defensive MVP. Next year HotLanta

Winner: Magic in 5 ///// Who i want to win: Magic

Net Edition will bring you the Teams in the East.

Remember if it is not pro it’s GOT to go

And the 2nd Seed goes to…

It was the first time that all the 30 teams in the NBA played in the last game of the season on the same day.

And what a day if was to be a sports fan.

Everything was set in place in the East. All teams situations were done and the Eight teams knew who they were going to play.

In the West, things were going to be settled. the 2nd and 3rd seed needed to be settled, as well with the 8th and 7th.

If the Lakers won, then they would automatically win the 2nd because they had won the tie breaker. If the Lakers lost and Mavericks won then they would lock up that 2nd seed.

If the Memphis won then they would get the 7th seed and play either the Lakers or Mavericks. If they lost then the Hornets would get the 2nd seed and they would be 8th.

The Mavericks played the New Orleans Hornets

What a game, actually it wasn’t. Dirk had 27 points, and Paul had 8. The Mavericks won by blowing them out.  They had done their done now they hoped that the Lakers didnt do theirs. 121-89

Now it was the Lakers time to step up or down.

The Lakers played The Sacramento Kings.

In what could be the last game in the Arco Arena, and the last game for the Kings in Sacramento. What a wild one it was. The Lakers came into this game knowing that they needed to win to get 2nd seed. The Kings knew that they need to win because this could be the last time playing as the Sacramento Kings.

The Kings showed up early to play. They were not going to miss a chance to ruin some of the Lakers hopes. Especially since Andrew Bynum, Matt Barnes, and Steve Blake were out. The Lakers had a hand full as at the end of the first the Lakers led by only 3 points, 31-28. The 2nd treated the Lakers a little more better. Shannon Brown scored 6 points in the quarter and the Lakers lead by 8, 56-48.

The third treated the Lakers as ‘Kings’ as Gasol, Bryant and Odom put in work. They were scoring let to right and the lead increased by 18 in the end of the 3rd. by the start of the 4th, things seemed hopeless for the Kings. it seemed like they were going to be blown out in their final home game. The fourth had the Lakers up by 20 with 9:44 left. Things were down and out. Then the Kings had resurged like the old kings, the ‘Kings’ that were one of the leagues best in the early 2000’s. The crowd was all hyped up, and no one was sitting for the last 7 minutes. The Lakers couldn’t make a bucket they were out scored 23 to 4.  With 1:22  left in the fourth the Kings actually took the Lead 97-96.

That was the first time that the Kings actually lead since leading in the first 13-11. The Kings then scored on two free throws. They lead by 3 with 9.6 seconds. The Lakers were shooting horribly in the fourth. The Lakers then inbounded the ball, and gave it to  kobe who shot and made a 3 with 4.8 seconds left. Tying up the ball game. That ended the game, and it had to go to overtime. It seemed right, to go to overtime. It was the Kings possible last game in Sacramento, and it wasn’t going to be an easy one for the Lakers. It was going to be one for the ages. Overtime started with a Fisher 3 and that was the ball game as the Lakers then sealed the deal.

Final Score: 116-108

Final Stats:  Kobe had 36 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assist. Gasol had 18 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists. Odom had 22 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists.

Notables: Thousands of Kings fans stayed at the end of the game and afterwards to cheer on their team. It was such a heartfelt game. The Clippers then on won the Grizzlies making the Hornets the 7th seed, which means that is who the Lakers are playing on Sunday

The Slump is over.

The Lakers, after the all-star break, seemed like the team to beat. They only lost one game in their first 18 games.

That game was to the Miami Heat.

They then started to lose 5 straight to some of the worst teams in the league, no disrespect to the Thunder or Nuggets.

People joined the bandwagon when they won but left when they were losing.

Well, i guess the Bandwagon is going to become a little fuller.

Today the Los Angeles Lakers versus San Antonio Spurs

Everything was high for If they lost they could go down to the fourth seed. If they won they at least guaranteed a 3rd seed and still had a shot at the 2nd spot.

Well, it seemed like the Lakers were going to get that win but at a cost. That cost was Bynum going down, Black to Chicken Pox and Barnes to sore knees.

The Spurs had already locked the 1st place so they let, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Tim Duncan have the day off. they only regular starter for the Spurs was Richard Jefferson. The first seemed like it was going to be a struggle for the Lakers as they were close with the “new bench” of Spurs. The end of the first actually had the Lakers up 24-16. the second didn’t treat the Lakers come back as the Spurs outscored the Lakers by 8 in the quarter. It was all tied up during the Half.

(Important) Bynum also hurt his right knee when he fell on DuJuan Blair.

Without Bynum, the Lakers took a little more control in the end. As in the end of the 3rd the Lakers were up 70-64. It seemed like they were going to pull this one out. And in the end the bench of san Antonio couldn’t get the job done. As the Lakers won. Or did they get the job done by unintentionally hurting Bynum.

As everyone knows the Lakers aren’t the Same without Bynum. Take a look at 2008 when the Lakers lost to the Celtics. Compare that to 2010 when the Lakers won the Celtics. This knee is going to make and break not only the Lakers but the playoffs.

Final Score: 102-93

Final Stats: Kobe had 27 points, Neal had 16, and Odom had 23.

News: Bynum is expected to miss a couple of games, and Barnes and Blake are unknown.

Lakers now need to win against the Kings tomorrow and they lock up the 2nd.

And if Memphis lose to the Clippers then they will play the New Orleans Hornets.

Other Games:

Portland winning over Memphis in a style 102-89

Even though Melo did fine, Rose and Bulls get the win against Knicks 103-90

Spurs Clinch, will Lakers lose.

It was do-or-get second for the Lakers.

Scenarios: Lakers win —> then still have a chance to clinch the first spot.

Lakers Lose and Spurs Win—> Spurs Clinch the first seed.

The Spurs faced the Kings. And what a game was it, or should i say wasn’t it.  In the first half it seemed as the game could be close. Especially since the Spurs played last night. So it was a back to back for them. In the end of the second half it was a close 51-49 with San Antonio up ahead.

The start of the second half is where everything went good for San Antonio. Duncan, Parker, Hill, and McDyess went on a scoring rampage.  By the end of the third, the Spurs had already won the game. They scored 41 points in the third alone. It was 92-70. The fourth quarter treated them the same as in the end the Spurs finally won.

Final Score: 124-92 Spurs.

Final Stats: Ginobili with 25 points, and  George hill with 19.

So the Spurs did their part, and it was the Lakers turn to Play against the Warriors

If you thought, Sundays game was horrible then this will break your heart as well. If you thought that the Championship Game between UConn and Butler was horrible then you were quite wrong. Why, because the Lakers dared to tell everyone why. After having a nine game run, they are now proud owners of a 3 game losing three. Denver, Utah, and now Golden State. Teams that they should have won with ease.

The First quarter seemed like the Lakers were going to blow out these Warriors are losing a close one in Utah. They were leading by 9 points, (23-14). Bynum even had 12 points in that quarter. Then that’s when things were going wrong. The second capped off with Golden State bucks and by the end of that quarter they were leading it (43- 38).

Things still seemed good in Laker Land, then the third and fourth hit. They were cold and the Warriors were hot. By the end of the quarter the Warriors increased their lead 72-55.  The fourth brought the same as Golden take took one from the Lakers.

Final Score: 95-87

Final Stats: Kobe with 25 points, and Ellis with 26 points.

The Lakers Now are going to fight for keeping the second position as they are leading the Mav’s by 2 games. With each of them losing today and each having 5 games remaining.

The season is looming to an end. Can the Lakers keep their 2nd spot or will it be nabbed.

Other Scores:

The bucks topping Miami 90-85

Melo was too much for Philly 97-92

Hornets over Houston 101-93

Upset in L.A. and San Antonio slump is over.

Lamar Odom playing with the Los Angeles Lakers

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The NBA was filled with many surprises today.

As Sunday had a showcase of good matchups before the last week of the regular season.

The first game had a win-or-go home Phoenix Suns versus the Struggling Spurs.

The Spurs had come off a lost as they were beat by The Houston Rockets on Friday. Today was a new day and they needed to win as their lead had shrunken by 1.5 games. The Los Angeles Lakers were on a streak winning their last 17 out of 18 games since the break. Everything that the Spurs had work for had been tumbling down. Today’s game against the Suns didn’t do better. But in the end they did get the win. None of the starters except Richard Jefferson had more than 9 points. The bench especially George Hill had showed up and scored 29 points. The Spurs bench did superb as Matt Boner and Gary Neal scored 11 points and 15 points respectively.  This was a much-needed win as San Antonio had lost 6 games in a row which was the most since they acquired Tim Duncan.

The Second game had The Los Angeles Lakers against the Denver Nuggets

The had just found out that the Spurs won, so they needed to win this to stay a game behind the Spurs. The Nuggets have been as red hot as any team in the NBA since the break. They were 14-4 since trading Carmelo and with this win they would clinch a playoff berth.  And they did that.

The first half ended as a close affair. As Denver lead in the first quarter by a point (21-20). Then in the second quarter Kobe went on a rampage as he got 13 points in. Nuggets coach George Karl got a technical for disagreeing. The Half ended as the Lakers took a 7 point lead (47-40)

The third quarter brought a resurged nugget team. It also brought a scare to the Los Angeles Lakers universe as Pau Gasol seem to be injuried after going down awkward on his knee. It was a hard foul by NeNe but NeNe stayed by Gasol and made sure he was okay. Gasol went to the Locker room,. That’s when the Nuggets took advantage. The third ended with the games all tied up at 69.  The fourth started with an 8-0 run by the Lakers.  Then things got pretty close in the end. With 15 seconds left Lamar odom made a three to get the Lakers within 2 points. The Lakers then fouled NeNe. NeNe made the first free throw and missed the second. Lamar instead of boxing out Kenyon Martin actually got boxxed him himself and thus Martin had a better position and tip in the ball. This sealed the deal for the Nuggets.

Final Score: 95-90

Final Stats: Kobe Bryant with 28 points, Gasol with 16 points and 12 rebounds, and Danilo Gallinari with 22 points and 7 rebounds.

Notables: Which ended the Los Angeles Lakers streak at 9 games, and a 10-0 streak at home. This Also clinch a playoff berth for the Nuggets. They have been 15-4 since the All-Star Break, The Lakers are now 2.5 games behind the Spurs.

NBA News and Scores:

  1. The return of Shaq was short lived as he came back against the Detriot Pistons. He played a few minutes until he strained his right calf in the second quarter. This still didn’t stop the Celtics from winning Detriot. (101-90)
  2. The Heatles stole one from the Knicks as they ran off with a demanding lead (108-94)
  3. The Raptors were too much for for the Magic as they themselves were missing two starters. The fans kept on booing Hedo turkoglu. DeMar DeRozan scored 24 to beat the Magic (102-98) .


Goody’s Fast Pain Relief 500, Sprint Cup Series

Winner: Kevin Harvick

2) Dale Earnheart Jr. 3) Kyle Busch 4) Juan Pablo Montoya 5) Jeff Gordon


Tigers won against the Yankee’s 10-7

The Angels lost it in the 13th against the Royals 12-9

The Dodgers defeat the defending Champs Giants 7-5